About us

Hotborn Medical Equipment Co., Ltd found in 1996, is a High-tech corporation that specially dedicate in design, produce, and sell medium and high level medical operating table, etc. we are the first company to adopt the aeronautic carbon fibre as material in produce the medical equipment in China. The main products are general series of Imaging Diagnose Table, Orthopedic Imaging Diagnose Table, Spine Surgery Imaging Diagnose Table, Urologic Surgery Imaging Diagnose Table, Microscopical Neurosurgery Imaging Diagnose Table, Catheterization Imaging Diagnose Table, X-ray Diagnose Photograph Table, etc.

Our Company has been confirmed by the ISO13485 Quality System(Germany TUV company), and some of our products has achieved the EU certification standard. We build a long relationship with America GE Medical System, Germany Siemens Medical System, Philips, etc. to come with their products since 1996, and the products is sold in China and overseas, such as Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Germany, Chile, India, Singapore, Ukraine and Turkey, etc. we are praised by the customers for the high quality and the maintenance service. Hotborn is the appointed manufacturer for the Siemens Medical system and a supplier for their procurement list as well. The sale of the C-arm of America GE Company which comes with Hotborn products even reaches 96% of their total sale in China.

Hotborn Medical Equipment Co., Ltd has totally more than 100 technicians for production, innovation and administration. Hotborn occupies about 50 thousand square meters totally and 20 thousand square meters for the workshop. We have advanced equipment, pursues the quality, insist on honesty and credit, try best in design to produce the advanced, applicable, excellent, economic products for the customers. Our products will come with good customer service for various medical organizations.

Corporate culture

  1.Please remember, you have already jointed a enterprise with honesty, harmony, happiness and innovation since the first day you walked into Hotborn. You must have sense of professionalismdedication, responsibility, mission, humor and crisis; You must get the satisfied smile with diligence and wisdom.

    Please remember, you must try your best to do well but not just “done” since you got the first piece of work. You must face the difficulty bravely, think nobody dare to think, do others unlike to do, only this can make you stand out.

    Please remember, you must always keep modesty since you got the first honor and reward; You must have a clear mind and normal heart; you must keep on studying and go beyond yourself. Only this can make you continue getting the joy of success in the endless experience.

    Please remember, Hotborn is your support of mental and physical happiness, is your ark of realizing your life value.

    2. As common mentality to do common things.

    3. Being a good Hotborn employee from trivial issues.

    4. good attainment, good quality.

    5. 5s: Seiri, Seition, Seiso, Seikeetsu, Shit-suke.

    6.Honesty, harmony, satisfaction, innovation.

    7.Smile comes from Satisfaction.

    8.To show difference, and share brilliant civilization.

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