Valerian Root Oil

We are actively engaged in offering Valerian Root Oil to the clients. A variety of botanical plant, Valerian is considered to be an effective herbal remedy to treat a number of ailments since olden times. It is also known by various other names like St. George̢۪s Herb, Cat̢۪s Valerian, Bloody Butcher, All-heal, Fragrant Valerian, Vandal Root etc. In modern times some parts of the valerian plant are used for medical purposes. To extract oil from valerian plant, steamed distillation of the plant roots is carried out.

Valerian Oil has very effective properties as an invigorating and anti-spasm agent.

For usage, Valerian Oil is usually mixed with other kinds of scented oils because of its bad smell. It is not recommended to use too much of this oil as it can make the senses numb. France, Belgium and Croatia are the biggest producers of Valerian Oil presently.

Country of Origin : India

Valerian Oil is used to treat people suffering from sleep disorder, headaches (migraine and nervous), irritations, mild spasms, seizures etc.

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